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A Few Words About Us

In 1987, our Founder, Jojo Concepcion, a devout Roman Catholic, heard a call from the Lord to lead worship. He responded. He started a group in Carson, California called "The Youth of Today."

Jojo moved to Ewa Beach Hawaii, leading worship and music ministry at Our Lady Perpetual Help Catholic Church.

In 1990, Jojo started a Worship Ministry, the birth of  "Simple Praise Ministry." Simple Praise Ministry (SPM) led worship all over Oahu and the Diocese of Honolulu.

In 1994, Jojo, His wife Maricar, and baby Kayla moved to Sacramento, California. Jojo led music for St. Paul Catholic Church and St Charles Borromeo, started leading worship for the Diocese of Sacramento Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and formed the SPM Worship Team for the Diocese of Sacramento.

In 2000, Jojo, his wife, and 3 children, Kayla, CJ, and Joben, moved to Phoenix, AZ. Jojo played music for St. Thomas Aquinas and got involved with the Diocese of Phoenix, Catholic Renewal Ministries. Jojo formed and recruited worship teams for the Diocese of Phoenix.

After 20 years of leading worship in the ministry, he heard another call from the Lord to find and train worship teams and worship leaders. He responded. Simple Praise Ministry has been training musicians, worship teams, and Worship Leaders for the Diocese of Phoenix sending them back to their parishes as "missionaries" to work in the vineyard of the Lord.

Today, Jojo and SPM Collective are heading the Charismatic Renewal Ministries for the Diocese of Phoenix.

Are you interested to play, sing, teach, share, or lead worship? Contact us!

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Vision and Mission

A Ministry of Worshipers and Missionaries Bringing people together to live a life of WORSHIP, WITNESS and WORK.

LIFE OF WORSHIP - It is our desire to come together to worship and encounter the Presence of our Savior, Jesus Christ. John 4:23; Romans 12:1-2.

LIFE OF WITNESS - To share and teach the Gospel, and make disciples. Matthew 28:18-20.

LIFE OF WORK - Putting the Fruits and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit at work. Sanctify the work that we do. We serve the Lord in every work we do. (Matthew 25:40; James 2:14)