Welcome To Simple Praise

We Are Catholic Worship Leaders & Disciples

Simple Praise exists to share our love of worship music with our Catholic communities.
Through sharing our gifts and talents we bring about a greater glory manifested through the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

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We pray through our ministry that we can bring together Catholics and disciples of Christ throughout the nation to worship with us and share in God's neverending story through our faith.


Leadership is needed in our church from those who have gifts and talents that the Lord has blessed them with. Our hope is to nurture those gifts and talents and bring about something needed in our Catholic faith.


If you are interested in joining us we are going to be live events and streamingĀ online in the near future and we hope you will join us. We will pray with you as you journey with us through our ministry which we hope reaches many.

Simple Praise Featured Catholic Worship Albums

The artists below are friends and worship leaders of Simple Praise
who haveĀ poured out their hearts and we hope you support them and their ministry.


Joy In His Presence

Jojo Concepcion


Love So Mighty

Mary Castner


For the Glory of His Name

Doug Slater

Simple Praise Worship Leaders

Simple Praise worship leaders are here to lead Catholics to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and share our gifts and talents for the greater glory of His name. Through our online praise and worship gatherings and music recording and publishing.

Events & Gatherings

Simple Praise is available for Catholic Praise and Worship events.
Our worship leaders will help lead your people in spirit and in truth.


Simple Praise can help you with publishing and distribution.
Contact us to learn more about our future!