Faith Formation

New Evangelization in Faith Formation for Youth Ministry

SPM is dedicated to respond to the New Evangelization through our Faith Formation Program. There are three pillars in our Faith Formation Program based on the three-fold ministry of Jesus Christ (priest, prophet and king):

1. Faith Lesson Nights (Prophet/Teach/Preach/Share/Witness)- Covering the Creed (What We Believe) and Morality (How We Live) as Catholics. Simple Lesson Night Format: Fellowship/Music/Prayer (Welcoming), Activities (Participating), Talk (Listening/Learning), Group Discussion (Sharing/Testifying), Prayer and Blessings (Sending).

Purpose: To build a strong foundation of our faith.

Note: ***We encourage our parents to have their own Bible Study, Prayer Meeting, Adoration or Fellowship while waiting for their children.

2. Praise & Worship and Adoration Nights (Priest/Holiness/Worship/Offering)- Combination of Contemplative and Contemporary Worship - Covering Sacraments and Prayers (infused with Relevant Teaching and Fellowship). Do this once a month, invite guest speakers and find young adults to share their testimonies.

Purpose: To exemplify how we pray, worship and adore.

Note: ***Offer a prayer room, Mass, or spirit-filled worship expressing charismatic gifts when inspired or prompted by the Holy Spirit.

3. Youth and Family Mass (Priest/Worship & King/Service/Sacrifice) - Encourage the students along with their families to serve, attend and participate in a Celebration of the Holy Mass. Preferably with contemporary music/band. Lyrics of song selections must be appropriate for the "Readings" and must be "Liturgically" correct. Not all contemporary Christian songs are appropriate for Mass. Communion Song must be focused on the Eucharist, Jesus, and receiving His Body and Blood. Second Communion song can be a worship song on how we express our love, our heart, our worship and adoration to Jesus. This is not the time to sing about someone or somebody or telling a story in a song.

Purpose: To build a strong Catholic Christian Family joining our "One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic" Church Family.

4. Youth and Family Nights (King/Service/Fellowship/Celebration) - this is a Youth and Family Event/Celebration: Designed for the whole church to participate in - filled with Food, Fun and Fellowship: BBQ, Movie, Dancing, Sports, Games, Talent Shows, Fiestas and more. It's your church, it's your event, it's your choice of celebration.

Please contact us if you want your parish to launch the "New Evangelization in Faith Formation" Program in your parish.